Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hey Guys!! I'm so sorry about not getting the sew along quilt tutorials done! They are in the drafting process & after completing a couple, I hit save & thought it worked but of course as my luck would have it, they did NOT save. I am in the process of redoing those & getting them posted. Also I will be trying to finish up the blocks I am behind on as well. I am stretched to my limits lately with studying, house work & gardening with all of my pain & I don't feel like I am getting anywhere! I'm sure I'm not alone! :)
I also am going back to WORK!! After 13 years!! I am gonna be hurting so bad but I've gotta do it!! Bills are piling up & they cant pay themselves, right? That's what I wanted to let you guys know & I will be posting from time to time so please hang around!! Thanks Guys!! Happy Creating!! Debbie

If you haven't already done so, please, click the link on the Snowy Quilt Block, so you can follow along & finish up your own quilts. I didn't mean to leave all of you hanging with many UFO's. I haven't had the time to even walk into my studio. Miss it so much & will get in there soon. It's all calling my name!
                                                        Continue Creating Beautiful Creations, Debbie

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