Bringing Back The Past~ 1 VSM at A Time

A look at the sewing machines from the past that are in my collection. They don't set around grabbing dust any longer, they are put to use! I want to bring back the past one Vintage Sewing Machine(VSM) at a time to show all of you what it once was & can be again! If you find them, grab them if they are at a great deal!

A great site to learn about vintage sewing machines, manufacturing dates & city of plant & so much more including machines & parts for sale!
Singer Sewing Machine Information Site Including Featherweight models

My beautiful 1950's Singer 15-90, I love sewing with her. She is so smooth & quiet. She was a steal at only $20!!

My 1950's Singer Slant-O-Matic 500A, she is a dream as well. Has some of the cams for decorative stitching. Only gave $25
This is my 1911 Singer Treadle 127. I am working on giving her stand a facelift. Will update when that big job is complete. My sister gave me this one as a birthday present. I named her "Elizabeth" which is the city she was made in as well as my sister's name!