Hey guys! Here is a very simple craft anyone can do! Even a craft you can do to spend time with your little ones! A simple way to recycle old non-useable canning rings & lids. And to use up some of your fabric scrap stash.

1~ canning jar seal
1~ canning jar ring
35-40~ 2" x 10-12" long strips( color of your choice)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
stick, dowel, floral craft tape, paint or decorative straw(your choice for a stem)

    After cutting all your strips & gathering your supplies, you will begin "knotting" your strips all the way around the ring.

Keep doing it until the entire ring is covered. Then set it aside. 

Grab the seal & stuffing, hot glue it to your seal. Take your fabric you chose for your "flower center" piece & cover the stuffing. Make sure you have extra on the backside, then glue it down. Cut off excess.
        (Optional if you would like to cover the entire seal!)

                                    Finished "flowerhead"

                                  Snap pieces together.

 You now need to add your stem. So grab what ever you chose & hot glue it really well to the backside. Tada!! Easy Peasy, Just like I said!!

  Add them to whatever you like, a jar, a vase or an old cheese grater!                                 Enjoy!!

Check out this great group on Facebook, too!
(Where this wonderful craft idea came from)


  I guess this wouldn't really be listed as a craft, since there's no hot glue gun & such, lol. Just some elbow power, sand paper, sander, & TONS of dust, MUST HAVE MASK!

This beautiful table was gave to me from a friend after I seen it outside(of all places), under a tree, with a pile of junk on top of it. It called to me at that moment(you might think I'm crazy, but Junker's understand, RIGHT?!) I left it there for a couple more weeks & just couldn't stop thinking about it. I had to bring her home! So I did!

As you can see she was in bad shape. She needed some major TLC. I got my guys to unload her from the truck & placed her in the shop so I could get started on loving her, lol. I was using some sand paper on the end & leg to see what all I had to do. As you can see in the pic she wasn't as bad as I first thought. She just needed a good scrubbing & a fresh coat. 
No I didn't work on her daily like I longed to. And you would understand if you follow my post, My Journey~A Daily Struggle. Anyways, I finally after about 2 months or so got her all sanded down & she was a beautiful blonde. Emerging a beautiful swan(Yeah, I went there,  The Ugly Duckling) I didn't want to add any wood putty, etc. I wanted to keep her all NATURAL as much as possible. Scroll on down & see her beauty!!


             Beauty isn't she? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Wax Paper + Muslim + inkjet printer = Homemade Labels!
I just love learning new ideas, so I am addicted to Pinterest. Where I found this wonderful project!
I was in need of some labels to add to my bags, quilts, etc & after searching through the pins, I found this great tutorial.
Take a standard piece of printer paper & trace onto a piece of wax paper & then cut it out to the same size. I think its 11"x 8" :) Then you cut out the same size for your muslim fabric. Step over to your ironing board with your iron setting on "cotton". Place your fabric down & lay the wax paper shiny side down on top of it. Start ironing, keep going until it is all sticking to the fabric. After your done there, take it to your printer, place it where the fabric is facing down. So when your printer pulls it in it will face the right direction. Design your image on your computer program, such as Works, etc. & print. It will go through just like regular paper.
To set the ink: Soak your sheet in vinegar & then allow to air dry. Then you can remove the wax backing & cut out your labels, etc. WOOHOO!! Pretty cool, Right?!