Sunday, April 2, 2017

How To~Vintage Presser Feet

How-To Use Vintage Presser Feet

Here is a great link to some very useful information! You don't come across too many of these, its always about the new. So I am very happy to share with you this link that I came across. As you know I love my vintage sewing machines(VSM), they have been passed down from our great, great grandmothers, great grandmothers, grandmothers & mothers. You get the idea! These machines have been through it all & will keep on giving! They were made to last, with mostly metal bodies & parts. They were offered with cams for decorative stitching, presser feet that we find very strange & mind boggling at times, lol, just from the looks of them! Most only offer a straight stitch but later they began the zig zag, blanket stitch, etc. If you look at a Vintage & a new model sewing machine today, what are the differences or similarities? There is so many machines out there just waiting to be rescued & brought home to be cleaned, oiled, & used again. You can find them very cheap, sometimes even free! May take some elbow grease but please don't pass these beauties up if you can!
Go out there & save a Vintage Sewing Machine today!
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