Monday, April 10, 2017

Snowy Day Quilt Block Sampler #3

WELCOME to Rustic Needle Creations!!
This is the second block of the Snowy Day Quilt Sew Along. Follow along as I walk, hopefully, you through each step so you can do this too.
If you have seen the Snowy Day Quilt Block #1 tutorial then you should have all of your materials ready.  If not, here is what you will need:
And you will be able to find the previous PDF files & others in the "Files" tab at the top of the groups page.
 NQC Quilt Block Challenge (National Quilters Circle)

Special Thanks goes to Andrea Smith @HappyCloudCreations for sharing her quilt blocks with us!
I also added the direct link for the pattern below, so you can print the PDF.)
PDF~Block #3

Material List
Sewing machine or hand needles
rotary mat & cutter
a couple yards of fabric x 4 from your own stash :)
Pretty much your basic sewing supplies!

"Sew", lets begin.......
Snowy Day Quilt Block #3
Unfinished size: 16.5"x16.5"
After printing off your PDF pattern/instructions, gather the four fabric choices & follow along with how to cut.
All seam allowances are a 1/4" unless noted!
Overlook my little helpers!
Okay, now that I have Panda out of the way, let's begin.
First grab your fabric choices, whether you want different color/designs for each block or all the
same. Grab your PDF that you printed from the link above. 
Fabric A: 2~5.25"x5.25" squares
Fabric B: 4~4.25"x4.25" squares
Fabric C: 1~5.25"x5.25" squares
Fabric D: 3~5.25"x5.25" squares
           6~4.5"x4.5" squares
Take your 5.25"x5.25" squares & match up these combinations, right sides together.
                                                                           Fabric D to Fabric A~2x

                Fabric D to Fabric C~1x
Making a mark from one corner to the next diagonally. Then pin in place. Sew a 1/4" seam allowance on each side of your drawn line. Repeat for all combos, then cut on the drawn line. Press seams to darker fabric.
The squares will be larger than needed. Trim them down to 4.5"x4.5"

Layout all squares, following the diagram on your PDF pattern. With right sides together, sew your squares together in each row, making sure you keep them organized.

Press seams to left, right, left, right sequence after sewing together each of your rows.
Press seams down flat when block is completed.

                                         My little helper Mattie likes to sit on my blocks.

                                                                                Happy Creating,


  1. You can find the full length pattern here:

    I'm so happy you enjoyed the quilt block challenge!

  2. Thank you! as soon as I get the chance I will be finishing it up along with the tutorial. Went back to work & just don't have the time to even walk into my studio! :(